About Us

The primary purpose of the International Partnership for Reproductive Health (IPRH) project in Ethiopia is to assist in decreasing the incidence of cervical cancer among women in Ethiopia. Toward this end IPRH has developed a woman-centered, multi-dimensional approach to cervical cancer awareness, screening, treatment, and research in partnership with Sister Aklesia Memorial Hospital in Adama, Ethiopia.

IPRH is incorporated in the United States as a non-profit organization exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes, and is classified as a 501C3 organization for tax purposes.

IPRH works to improve the reproductive health and wellness of women and girls in Ethiopia, including women with disabilities, by enhancing the knowledge and skills of medical professionals, supporting community healthcare services, providing materials and human resources, and engaging in critical scientific research.


Cancer Screening

Cervical cancer kills nearly 6000 women in Ethiopia every year. Records show that of nearly 22 million Ethiopian women over the age of fifteen, approximately 7600 are diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Although cervical cancer in preventable, most women in Ethiopia lack appropriate information about cervical cancer, as well as, the means for accessing proper screening and other preventative measures.

Although cervical cancer is the foremost gynecologic cancer in Ethiopia and other developing countries. The World Health Organization has recognized cervical cancer as an important health problem and has recommended establishing early detection policies.