Why We Need Your Help

The vision of IPRH is to actively engage in partnerships with other non-profit organizations, universities, private businesses, and individual donors to implement a project in Ethiopia conceived and crafted to address identified needs in the area of women’s reproductive health.

The goal is to recognize and understand barriers to screening for cervical cancer, as well as, other important health concerns of the communities we serve in Ethiopia.

Screen One Woman

$ 10

Screen Five Women

$ 50

Screen Ten Women

$ 100

Transport Ten Disabled Women

$ 200

Our Goal – Expand our Reach

  • Expand Our Reach

    IPRH had the honor of participating in the First Global Summit on Women’s Cancers in Africa in 2011 which was held at the United Nations building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the event we listened to the stories of women whose lives were affected by the fear and misunderstanding which can come from misunderstanding a diagnosis of cancer.

    IPRH recognizes that its work involves not only informing women, but also, their families and their communities about the importance of cervical cancer screening.

  • Medical Care

    IPRH has learned that compassion and commitment to quality transcends language barriers. In order to provide medical care to women and their communities our message is that every woman matters, including women with disabilities.

  • Education

    IPRH has learned, over the course of its on-going relationship with the community of Adama, Ethiopia, that providing care for women includes their families and the community in which they live. Changing perceptions, educating the community, and growing trust precedes the provision of medical care.

Our Current Numbers

0 Women Screened
0km Area of Influence
0 Medical Partners Trained
$0 Value of Equipment Donated