A Pivotal Moment

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the website for the International Partnership for Reproductive Health (IPRH).

What is the International Partnership for Reproductive Health?

The International Partnership for Reproductive Health is a non-profit organization based upon one thought that tells all-every woman matters. Every woman matters to someone: somewhere she is a sister, a mother, a wife, a beloved, a daughter. Every day, no matter where she works, her health is important to her and to her community. IPRH is based in Taos, New Mexico, USA.

The Work of IPRH

We work to improve the health of women living in Ethiopia.

IPRH began as an opportunity to work at Aklesia General Hospital in Adama (Nazret), Ethiopia.  We have Mr. Moges Alemu and his family to thank for the experiences in 2007 that continue to inspire our work. We began with a focus on cervical cancer screening.  Cervical cancer is preventable if a woman has access to facilities that offer screening tests. In 2007, the women in Adama did not have this important service.

IPRH Goes Global, One Woman at a Time

Providing access to health care is a tremendous job. From research to available resources in the clinic, many dedicated individuals work to make a difference. IPRH works to connect on the ground development and skill-building one person at a time and in groups to improve the health of one woman at a time. The basics? Cervical cancer screening saves lives. In 2008, IPRH focused on cervical cancer screening. We believe that women everywhere should have access to the basics. Our non-profit organization is dedicated to improve the lives of women. In Ethiopia we work with health care providers, researchers, and administrators to achieve our mission. We provide access to current standards of care, educational resources, and equipment to improve the health of women.

IPRH and Sister Hospitals – Making a Difference

The International Partnership for Reproductive Health has successfully connected hospital organizations in the United States. Through its Sister Hospital project, IPRH united Community Hospital and Wellness Centers (CHWC) in Bryan, Ohio with Aklesia General Hospital in Adama, Ethiopia.  In 2015 CHWC  generously donated essential equipment to create the first cervical cancer screening center housed at Aklesia General Hospital.

Hospitals with global interests are making a difference, one woman at a time.

Our work in Adama, Ethiopia is focused on women’s health. IPRH has grown and changed over the past 10 years. That’s a good thing!