Doing Global Women’s Health: The “Do-Gooder Gene”

I am the executive director of a staff-less non-profit doing global women’s health projects in Ethiopia. I am the International Partnership for Reproductive Health and I work to improve the health of all women.

The Do-Gooder Gene

My husband calls it the ‘do-gooder’ gene and (thank-goodness!) he fully supports the response I feel to take action. His role is reality and logistics. We make a great team.

Do you have the do-gooder gene? Are you inspired, courageous, and “out to save the world? Here are four important qualities you won’t need.

Four Things You Won’t Need

  1. Delusions of Grandeur
  2. A degree in global health
  3. Experience
  4. Deep pockets

I readily admit that I love to travel and that traveling to Ethiopia in 2000 was a spectacular experience. Returning for more was an easy decision and did not require a grand scheme. The desire to share my love for Ethiopia was not based upon extensive study in global health and I will freely admit having no previous experience in doing global women’s health. I was, and continue to be, motivated by the realization that global health is acheivable.

Deep pockets? Nope. But I did find that friends, family, and people I never met have helped support the work of IPRH. I am ‘all in’ and hope I can inspire you to take a chance on doing something bigger than you ever thought possible!