Global Women’s Health for the Staff-less Nonprofit: Missions and Visions

The Mission Statement

Mission statements are supposed to describe the reason for the existence of your organization. It is suggested that the mission statement consist of a single sentence for your raison d’etre.

The aim is to avoid confusing yourself with too many words. My first mission statement is a bit too long:

IPRH works to improve the reproductive health and wellness of women and girls in Ethiopia, including those with disabilities, by enhancing the knowledge and skills of medical professionals, supporting community healthcare services, and providing material and human resources.

In 2008 I was just learning how to craft a mission statement that catured the essence of what IPRH was about.

Ten years later I am looking for articulate and concise. This was the latest version:

IPRH works to provide reproductive health for women and girls in Ethiopia.

There are many internet aids to assist nonprofits in their development, for example at, the mission statement for describing the reason your organization or program exists should be clear, concise, and useful. You can check out their 50 mission statements selected from the top 100 nonprofits (

The Vision Statement

In creating the International Partnership for Reproductive Health, I found that my vision statement was disguised as objectives. The lengthy detailed list of objectives needed to be scaled down:

IPRH Objectives

To support and conduct non-partisan research, education, and informational projects designed to: build the capacity of healthcare providers to provide cervical cancer screening and treatment; to build the capacity of healthcare providers to provide screening for HIV/AIDS; to assist the healthcare community in developing sustainable strategies for training and deploying physicians and non-physician providers.

The best advise is to draft the vision statement as a clear and inspirational description of the desired change one wishes to accomplish over time. Here’s the latest version of the IPRH Vision Statement:

The International Partnership for Reproductive Health believes in working to achieve global women’s health. 

Starting a nonprofit can be (and often is) a complex progression of critical steps. I have found that the difference in my original mission/vision goals for IPRH in 2008 and the goals for 2018 have matured. Growth and maturity are good changes.